West Indies' new CEO wants to put fans first

It's most likely fitting that Johnny Grave, the new WICB CEO, is making his new base at Coolidge, the old Stanford ground, in Antigua.

It's a place that had turned into an image of West Indies' decrease. Toward the begin of January, it was congested and blocked. Bushes had developed on the outfield and the grass was knee high. It gave just an agonizing memory of the time West Indies cricket (and English cricket, to be reasonable) bounced into bed with Allen Stanford.

Yet, it may likewise turn into an image for Caribbean cricket's resurgence. It may likewise mirror Grave's capacity to take something that seems broken and make it into something great. Since, at this moment, the WICB are, in association with the administration of Antigua and Barbuda, during the time spent purchasing the ground from Stanford's beneficiaries.

At the point when the arrangement is finished, the site will be the new base for West Indies cricket. It will house the elite focus, the corporate workplaces and most different branches of an association that has a turnover of around USD40m and utilizes 45 individuals. The old Sticky Wicket eatery, where Stanford used to engage, will be leased to give pay. The ground, with its satisfying grass banks and limit of around 8,000, has as of now facilitated some Super-50 recreations, including the current year's last. It is gradually returning to life. Possibly West Indies cricket is, as well.

Grave concedes he has a long schedule. In any case, while he is quick to address coordinate begin times (global T20 recreations had been planned to begin at 9.30am to speak to the worldwide communicate advertise), ticket (costs for the ODI arrangement against England are around USD75, which might be alright for England's voyaging supporters, yet is steep for the neighborhood showcase) and securing the fate of an association without any benefits and, fixing to a 50-year - yes, 50-year - CPL business bargain, he has one need that is more squeezing than all: he needs to reengage with West Indies cricket supporters who may have lost confidence in both the load up and their group.

"I thought my greatest difficulties would enhance our association with the players and drawing in more business pay," he says. "Be that as it may, I now trust its enhancing our associations with our supporters and repairing the brand.

To that end he plans to organize West Indies' supporter’s in future basic leadership. "I do comprehend the significance of our abroad supporters however shouldn't something be said about our home market?" he says. "Who comes to watch T20 at 9.30am? We should locate the correct adjust.

"What's more, yes, we have to put possessions into grassroots cricket to stop the more extended type of the amusement from kicking the bucket here. Be that as it may, when you see just 400 individuals go to the main day of a Test, you do think about whether in a few islands its dead as of now."

However good faith flourishes. Matured 40, Grave has the vitality and energy of a man who still can't seem to be baffled by organization. He has the aspiration to substantiate himself and the experience, both financially (he put in seven years with Surrey's business division and, from that point onward, 10 in the Professional Cricketers' Association) and as a union representative, to fabricate extensions and associations with patrons, players, onlookers and supporters. It's not hard to perceive any reason why he was decided for the employment.

"I don't think individuals in the Caribbean have dropped out of adoration with cricket," Grave says. "Be that as it may, they may have released out of adoration with the WICB. We will need to strive to recover their affection. We need to repair that relationship and reignite their adoration for West Indies cricket."

There are as of now down to earth steps being taken to transform the discussion vigorously. The WICB has designated a midway contracted guardian (or grounds man, contingent upon where you live) to go through the locale giving guidance and help on the surfaces required for global cricket, specifically. The times of West Indies offering agonizingly moderate, attritional wickets are, as indicated by Grave, going to end. Jimmy Adams and Stuart Law, the new chief of cricket and mentor, need the snappy, bouncy surfaces which used to portray Caribbean cricket. As he puts it: "West Indies cricket is prevalent around the globe for the style and fervor it offers. Be that as it may, you can't have festival cricket on the portion of the wickets we've had previously. It needs to change."

In the interim, an olive branch has been offered to Darren Bravo. Also, as opposed to reports somewhere else, his NOC was marked "inside five minutes of getting it" as per Grave. "We're not going to withhold NOCs," he says. "There's no future in that." Bravo will, in this way, be allowed to go to the IPL and welcome to come back toward the West Indies overlap upon his arrival. Yes, there should be a type of open expression of remorse - maybe from both sides - however there is no endeavor to embarrass or disgrace. Simply resolve.

On the off chance that you are a youthful player taking a gander at a vocation in the diversion, the likelihood of putting in the most recent couple of years of your profession as a Kolpak makes the suggestion of an existence as an expert cricketer more reasonable

Maybe in particular, Grave is interested in investigating another arrangement of focal contracts subject to monetary and board endorsement. Rather than three unique groups, he proposes three separate contracts for each of Test, ODI and T20I cricket might be more appropriate. He is practical about the contending requests of abroad T20 alliances and has no expectation of clashing with the IPL - "it might well be our season needs to break before the IPL begins," he says - yet feels that, with a tad of trade off, this can be "a win-win" circumstance for the players, the board and, in particular, the onlookers.

He likewise supports cricket's arrival to the Olympics, a Test Championship and a World T20 at regular intervals. "[The Olympics] is the main way we'll split the American and even Chinese markets," he says. "I know there will be reasonable issues, however we can discover a determination, I'm certain. It's basic in the event that we truly need to be a worldwide diversion."

Having gone to his first ICC meeting, where Test cricket was high on the plan, he says "there was a momentous level of agreement about the requirement for setting". The 50-over World Cup will, he trusts, proceed with well past 2019 yet West Indies may as of now have played their last Champions Trophy coordinate. In the meantime the begin time of T20 recreations against Pakistan will be returned to 12.30pm, the most recent the present communicate arrangement will permit, and in future ticket costs will be gone for the nearby market.

While Richard Pybus' notoriety partitions sentiment - his hard line position towards determination has brought on some division and looks sure to be audited - Grave rushes to acclaim his commitment as chief of cricket in different regions. Positively Pybus' work in setting up proficient classes for the diversion in the Caribbean ought to be his genuine legacy. It's less impressive than the work around the worldwide groups, yet it gives the establishments whereupon future West Indies groups can be constructed and has implied, surprisingly, that local players are utilized on an expert premise winning between USD15,000 - 30,000 a year. His successor, Jimmy Adams, may well come to be thankful for that part of Pybus' endeavors.

There will be no dangers or ultimatums against those playing in T20 classes or taking the Kolpak choice, either. Rather Grave plans to induce the dominant part of Caribbean players that their future can be all the more remunerating inside the overlap.

"I see the Kolpak circumstance as invaluable to West Indies cricket," he says. "On the off chance that you are a youthful player taking a gander at a vocation in the diversion, the likelihood of putting in the most recent couple of years of your profession as a Kolpak makes the suggestion of an existence as an expert cricketer more sensible. Yes, we may lose a few players towards the sundown of their professions - any semblance of Ravi Rampaul, who has served West Indies cricket well yet has a chance to profit in the most recent couple of years of his vocation - however we may likewise keep a couple who generally may have thought the danger of playing cricket too enormous to legitimize."

'on the off chance that we can impart what we're attempting to do with everybody included, I trust we can bring them with us in the bearing we have to go'          

In any case, what of the possibility of losing more youthful players to Kolpak or T20 groups?

"I don't know what number of them, assuming any, future happier doing that," he says. "When you've paid your operators charges and assessments, you don't profit as you think. What's more, to preclude yourself of global cricket and the shop window that speaks to… I'd have thought any youthful player going that course had been inadequately prompted.

"Will we truly contend on the worldwide stage without our best players? I'd think the response to that is no.

"In any case, we're not going to be held to recover. Individuals must be sensible in their desires. In any case, on the off chance that we can convey what we're attempting to do with everybody included, I trust we can bring them with us in the course we have to go. We as a whole need a similar thing. On the off chance that we cooperate, we have a greatly improved possibility of accomplishing it."

"And keeping in mind that I had heard a considerable amount about the strains between the board and players, my impression so far has been extremely positive. Jason Holder brought the entire group into the workplace last Friday and acquainted them with all the staff. It was their day away from work however he felt it was essential and they spent a few hours here. It was extremely great and exceptionally promising."

Everything sounds awesome, isn't that right? Yet, we've heard empowering talk some time recently. Grave absolutely isn't the main well-meaning cricket director. Might he discover his thoughts impeded and baffled by board and councils and grievances of which he doesn't know anything and which backpedal years?

"I don't get that impression by any means," he says. "The President [Dave Cameron] and I have a similar vision thus far he's endowed me to get on with the employment. He's been extremely strong. I think the board need to enable the

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