Tamim Iqbal wants more cricket for Bangladesh

'People should be more attentive in playing against us but instead we are sitting on the spin-offs' - Tamim Iqbal 

Batsman Tamim Iqbal has said that Bangladesh's continuous long break from global cricket will hamper the group's odds of performing getting it done. He likewise recommended that other international sides ought to be all the more prepared to play against Bangladesh.

"After such an incredible season, we are not playing for six months," Tamim told ABOCcricinfo. "It would pannier us. Personalities ought to be keener on playing against us however rather we are perched on the sidelines. We don't know who we are going to play following six months. There's no group on the planet disconnected from Zimbabwe who sit out for so long between matches."

Bangladesh's last international appearance was at the World T20 in India on March 26. Their next task is booked to be against England at home in October, after their lady Test in India was pushed back to right on time one year from now. A proposed West Indies voyage through Bangladesh in September is under discourse yet will be yet to be affirmed.

Tamim said it was all the all the more baffling to sit tight for worldwide cricket in the wake of having had an effective 2015. Bangladesh achieved the World Cup quarter-finals in mid-2015, preceding going ahead to beat Pakistan, India, South Africa and Zimbabwe in successive ODI arrangement at home. That series of wins protected their place in the 2017 Champions Trophy in England. In light of the group's change, Tamim asked why different groups were still hesitant to play Bangladesh.

"Sitting for six months is not doing equity to anything," he said. "I could have realized in the event that we played as we did five years back when our outcome was unsurprising, yet in the wake of performing so well regardless they would prefer not to play us, I don't have a clue."

Bangladesh have been becoming usual to such long breaks in worldwide cricket in the course of the most recent five years. Generally they confront a break in Test cricket in any case, this time, they are passing up a major opportunity for all organizations after occupied 2015 and 2015-16 seasons. The BCB said that it was attempting to motivate groups to play against Bangladesh additionally felt that players required a break after constant cricket for 15 months.

Tamim said any group would endure after such a drawn out break, and focused on that Bangladesh merited more cricket at the most abnormal amount.

"Take any top group and instruct them to sit for six months," Tamim said. "You will perceive how they perform in the wake of sitting for eight months. They won't play the way they were playing."


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