Chris Gayle Blasts 12-Ball Fifty

The 50 from 12 men: How the wildest T20 fifties remained counted

0.1 West to Gayle, 2 runs, full and straight on center, tucked to profound midwicket for a couple. Gayle 2 (1)

0.2 West to Gayle, no run, full on center, no swing. Shielded. Gayle (2)

0.3 West to Gayle, SIX, tremendous six from Gayle. Somewhat short on off, Gayle lays into the draw and sends it shrieking profound into the stands over midwicket. What an enormous hit that is Gayle 8 (3)

0.4 West to Gayle, SIX, second level at this point. Much greater than the past one. Most limited conveyance on center, Gayle wallops the draw once more. Thud into the stands. Gayle 14 (4)

0.5 West to Gayle, SIX, three in three. Poor ball however and Gayle should have simply pick it off his hips into the stands over in reverse square leg. Wow, what a begin this has been Gayle 20 (5)

0.6 West to Gayle, SIX, goodness my. That is force. That is timing. Low full hurl on center and Gayle just muscles a flung roll over long-on. Clears the limit without hardly lifting a finger. Gayle 26 (6)

1.6 Nester to Gayle, 2 runs, too short, he shakes back and muscles that one towards the long limit at profound midwicket, didn't completely get hold of it, luckily for Gayle, lands in the enormous crevice between profound square and profound midwicket Gayle 28 (7)

2.2 Laughlin to Gayle, (no ball) SIX, full hurl outside, sufficiently off space for him to swing openly and store that over wide long-off. Stature being referred to, umpire flags free-hit. What butchery here and we're not by any means three overs into the pursuit. Put your head protectors on in the group, please Gayle 34 (8)

2.2 Laughlin to Gayle, SIX, that has been hit into Canberra, I think! Too short once more, clears his front leg and pulls that imperiously over profound midwicket. Somewhere in the range of 40 columns back. Almost into the second level. You can't drag it short. Doesn't make a difference what number of men are watching the limit, he's hitting them path over. Gayle 40 (9)

2.3 Laughlin to Gayle, FOUR, low full hurl outside off, this current one's been hit level and hard wide of mid-off. What does the bowler do now? Gayle 44 (10)

2.4 Laughlin to Gayle, 1 run, phenomenal Yorker this time, sticks his bat down so as to crush it towards midwicket Gayle 45 (11)

3.1 Head to Gayle, SIX, and he equivalents Yuvraj's record for the quickest T20 fifty in some style. Hurled up, his eyes lit up as he saw the flight, swung through the line and cleared the ropes at long-on. Gayle 51 (12)

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