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Decision on Ind-Pak series deceit with Pakistan PM - PCB

Shaharyar Khan: 'We have always required playing the series. But... to wait for that we will bend down on our knees is not right'
PCB executive Shaharyar Khan has said that the choice to play India in a respective arrangement now rests with Pakistan's leader, Nawaz Sharif. Talking on the sidelines of the fourth ODI in the middle of Pakistan and England in Dubai, Khan pointed out that he had flown out to the UAE particularly to watch the match and not meet BCCI leader Shashank Manohar.

"I have come to watch this match," Khan said. "I have sought no other explanation. I heard that Shashank is likewise coming. He has not come to yet. On the off chance that he approaches me for meeting, I will listen to him."

Khan repeated that Pakistan's position of not playing in India had not changed, but rather now the Pakistan government will take a definite choice on the issue. "We have made it clear that we won't play in India and we have referred to our reasons. Be that as it may, significantly the India-Pakistan arrangement has now gotten to be political. So the order that we must the Pakistan government and Pakistan's head manager is he would take the choice," Khan said. "We have expressed our stand before the head administrator and also the BCCI. Our last trust is with the Pakistan government."

Khan likewise illuminated that the BCCI had not yet told the PCB the accurate purposes behind not permitting India to play in the UAE. "He is coming here so you can ask him," Khan said when asked in regards to whether the BCCI had offered a reason. "Yet, I might want to bring up that, as every one of you recall, a year ago they played the IPL here [in the UAE] and it was effectively directed."

As per Khan, ECB president Giles Clarke, as well, had attempted to intercede between the sheets, highlighting the significance of India-Pakistan arrangement. "Giles Clarke identify with me yesterday and said that the arrangement ought to happen for the enthusiasm of cricket. He let me know the Pakistan-India arrangement is basic for cricket," Khan said. Clarke had headed the ICC team on Pakistan, which had investigated how the PCB could satisfy its responsibilities under the Future Tours Program given the security issues taking after the Lahore assault on the Sri Lanka group transport. In his report, Clarke had pushed on the centrality of India-Pakistan cricket, saying: "It [the disjoined reciprocal ties] is harming the game, especially in Pakistan and the PTT sees no motivation behind why this awesome donning competition ought not to be restored at the earliest opportunity, regardless of the possibility that on unbiased soil."

However, Khan reiterate, the PCB would not go out of its way for the series to go ahead. "We have always wanted to play the series. But if India does not want to agree to the MoU sign [to play Pakistan in the UAE] we can't do anything. To expect that we will bend down on our knees due to the obtainable deadlock, it is not right. They have not played us for many years now. If they don't play for 1 or 2’s more years, we will survive."

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