Bangladesh look for opportunity in seasonal change

Just four days of play were conceivable in the two-Test arrangement between South Africa and Bangladesh

Is cricket in the rainstorm season a feasible prospect in Bangladesh? The Bangladesh Cricket Board is not totally persuaded with the thought.

In their mid-season at home with universal recreations, Bangladesh facilitated India and South Africa in June and July. The hosts won the ODI arrangement against both sides yet each of the three Tests were influenced by downpour. While it is not regular for cricket matches, even residential ones, to be played in the middle of June and September in Bangladesh, the BCB had couple of alternatives when it went to the planning of the India and South Africa visits. The ICC's past future visits program (2012-2020) and the most recent one attracted up February 2014 incorporated two worldwide arrangement in Bangladesh in June-July 2015. The BCB's CEO, Nizam Uddin Chowdhury, supposed another element in the planning was that India and South Africa could just visit as of now.

"Without a doubt, this is not a feasible choice but rather this is an accessible choice we have taken, essentially," Chowdhury told ABOCcricinfo. "We have needed to skill off on the grounds that this choice was accessible.

"We had corresponded with the loads up with whom we had booked cricket amid this time. The reaction that we have gotten from the sheets, we didn't have whatever other choice however to take after this calendar. These two arrangement were chosen three-four years back. I have constantly tended to these issues quickly."

The cricket off-season harmonizes with the rainstorm months in Bangladesh. Local rivalries have once in a while overflowed into these months, with a prominent special case in 2012. Prior to this year, the main global matches played in June were in the 2000 Asia Cup, the 2008 triangular Kitply Cup and the 2014 ODI preparation against India.

The current year's India visit was one of the four arrangement affirmed between the BCB and the BCCI a year ago. The sides played out a downpour interfered with Test in Fatullah in which just 184.2 overs were conceivable. The second day's play was washed out. None of the ODIs against India went into stockpile days yet there were two downpour softens up the second match.

The two T20 internationals and the initial two ODIs against South Africa were sans downpour however the third ODI was influenced by stormy climate and just some splendid work from the grounds men in Chittagong, and the successful seepage framework, guaranteed there was an amusement.

The Test arrangement against South Africa was influenced by a preparing tornado in the Bay of Bengal. In Chittagong, no play was plausible on the most recent two days of the first Test. In Mirpur, play was conceivable just on the first day.

Hashim Amla, South Africa's Test skipper, called it the most "odd" preparation he has ever played. For Bangladesh, on the other hand, rescheduling the arrangement would have pushed it out of the current global cycle that closures in 2023, a long defer the board couldn't manage the cost of in light of the fact that the cooperative efforts couple of arrangement as it seems to be.

After the fourth day of the Mirpur Test, which was washed out not long ago, Bangladesh batsman Mahmudullah was asked whether he upheld cricket as of now of the year.

"I need cricket to arrive throughout the entire year, despite the fact that this is the storm season and it totally relies on upon the cricket board," Mahmudullah said. "They can let you know better. In any case, as a cricketer, I need cricket as the year progressed. I need to be occupied constantly. It is constantly better to play cricket."

The BCB feels the Bangladeshi summer could be useful on the off chance that they can discover groups to play restricted overs cricket. Chowdhury said that, not at all like other cricket-playing countries, Bangladesh did not have the advantage of playing a great deal of global cricket in their primary season from October to May.

"We will consider the group's accessibility on the off chance that it is one-day cricket. We can keep the choice of one-day or a constrained overs arrangement and attempt to hold matches right now of the year," Chowdhury said. "Like other huge groups, we don't have that much cricket in our calendar. We will attempt to play as much cricket as we can. For that, we don't consider benefit or misfortune yet offer need to holding the arrangement, to the cricket."

Mushfiqur Rahim, Bangladesh's Test chief, said that matches ought to be sorted out amid the best possible cricket season, particularly against groups like South Africa and India.

"We need to play against huge groups like Pakistan, India, South Africa and Australia among their or our season," Mushfiqur said. "Be that as it may, they are occupied in those times and can't discover time to play against us. I wouldn't say the climate was that awful this time. A tornado had a noteworthy impact on the Test match. I trust that later on, we can play these arrangement in our season."

As indicated by the new future visits program (2015-2023), Bangladesh should host Pakistan in July 2017, and the Asia Cup is booked for the same period the next year.

Since increasing Full Member status, Bangladesh have had a few long breaks from worldwide cricket which has harmed their musicality, and numerous players have griped about how this has influenced their structure. For the side, the storm season could offer a viable choice to have more constrained overs matches. 

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