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Rain washes out fourth day in Chittagong


Despite the fact that rain interfered with parts of the one-day arrangement and conveyed an early end to two of the three days in this Test, it had its first legitimate say of the visit when the fourth day's play was washed out without a ball being knocked down some pins. The lost day has left a gently balanced match set out toward a draw, regardless of the fact that play is conceivable on the last day.

South Africa's openers had everything except wiped away their shortfall in the second innings and were situated up to manufacture an objective for Bangladesh, whose assault had effectively secured them in the first innings. Bangladesh would have been appearing to be identical on Friday and give themselves something to pursue on the last day, while South Africa were scoring speedier than they had beforehand and looked prepared to dangle a carrot and give their bowlers something to precaution.

All that may not happen with just a day to play and two innings to get in. South Africa will probably hope to bat out the last day, which will leave Dale Steyn on 399 wickets, with the opportunity to get to the 400 turning point in Dhaka one week from now. It will likewise leave Bangladesh baffled after they put on their most instructing show in the longest organization against South Africa and ruled expansive segments of the match. Maybe the greatest suppose it is possible that will be imagine a scenario in which the arrangement was not planned in the rainstorm.

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