Dhoni, Mustafizur fined for collision  

'Dhoni, Mustafizur argued not liable'

India's ODI chief MS Dhoni and the debutant Bangladesh quick bowler Mustafizur Rahman have been fined for their crash amid the first ODI in Mirpur. Dhoni has been docked 75% of his match charge, and the Man of the Match Mustafizur lost 50% of his.

The occurrence happened in the 25th over of India's innings when Dhoni set off on a solitary subsequent to playing the ball to mid-off. Mustafizur, a left-arm bowler working from over the wicket, seemed to have looked at the batsman and afterward moved towards the way Dhoni was running. Dhoni kept running into Mustafizur amid the run, and seemed to push him out of his way with his lower arm. Mustafizur left the field for a bit before coming back to finish a five-for on introduction.

Prior in the innings Mustafizur was included in a comparable episode with India opener Rohit Sharma, however that crash was gentler however Rohit was later seen guiding his finger at the bowler.

ESPNcricinfo has learnt that that just Dhoni had been charged at first, however India chose to challenge the charge. Dhoni asserted that he attempted his best to maintain a strategic distance from the impact, moving the bat to his right hand while he had been holding it in both hands prior, and moving his head away as he drew closer Mustafizur. Notwithstanding, he couldn't dodge the contact with his left arm. India likewise guaranteed that there was no space on the privilege with Suresh Raina, the non-striker, running close, and they additionally raised the Rohit episode with all due respect. Replays were seen over and again in the hearing.

Mustafizur was in the long run rang, yet he excessively argued not liable, making it impossible to the charge, but rather the ICC in the end discovered them both to be in rupture of Article 2.2.4 of the ICC Code of Conduct, which identifies with "improper and purposeful physical contact between players throughout play amid a worldwide match".

In the possible administering by match official Andy Pycroft, Dhoni's experience conflicted with him. "In the hearing, Dhoni safeguarded the charge on the premise that the bowler was on the wrong line and understanding that he couldn't maintain a strategic distance from the crash, he utilized his hand and arm to push him away as he experienced to 'minimize the effect,'" Pycroft said. "Nonetheless, my evaluation was that Dhoni deliberately pushed and bore Mustafizur, which was unseemly.

"Regardless of the possibility that there was a tight crevice between the runner [Raina] and the bowler, an accomplished Dhoni ought to have attempted to stay away from the impact as cricket is a non-physical game and the players are relied upon to evade physical contact at all times. On this premise, I fined Dhoni 75% of his match charge".

Mustafizur conceded his blame when confronted with feature confirmation of the existence. "Mustafizur was charged 50% of his match charge after he conceded that his activities in not escaping from the batsman's way were wrong and he ought to have accomplished more to evade the contact," Pycroft said. 

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